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  I use a toy camera called a Holga. It is plastic. Even the lens is plastic. One would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper, more poorly made device.
What most photographers consider to be its
fatal flaws, are the exact characteristics that
have drawn me to fall for this camera. A Holga
blatantly leaks light. It renders random ghost
images. It is unpredictable and wholly
uncontrollable, no matter how I might try to
tape the seams and carefully load the 120 film.
I prefer shooting on cloudy, rainy, and/or foggy days.
All three in one day? That is a rare jackpot for
me since I live in Colorado where we are known
for unrelentingly reliable sunshine. So on the
rare grey, soggy day, I find I finally have my
locations to myself. I savor the soft light and
solitude these rare days provide and endeavor
to capture that feeling in my work.
I have been a photographer for most of my adult life.
I’ve been lucky to have a very successful
commercial career and now am excited about
the places my crappy camera and craving for
bad weather will take me.


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